Hello and welcome to my on-line portfolio!

Being a Character TD is one of the more amazing things that you could be. You become like the builder that have to make that everything works fine, so everybody can make his own magic. Animators, lightning artists, cloth/vfx artists…. all of them depend on your job. So, you have a big challenge trying to get the best result, and trying to help everybody.

In my website you can find information about me and my work. There are some free tools and scripts in the development section, so maybe I can make easier your work, and show you how to improve your development skills. Some tutorials and interesting links as well.

I hope you enjoy the content of my website.Thank you.

On-line CV in linkedIn.


 <DrakenSang Online : Just Amazing!!>

 <…a bit of making of…>

 <Infinity Blade Origins — Really aesthetic trailer, mixing 3d with 2d effects> 

<Fable Legends — Awesome game trailer for Lionhead Studios> 

                         <Dying Light — My first project with zombies. Amazing> 

                <Halo 4 SpartanOps — 10 amazing episodes guiding the game> 

                                                     <…a bit of making of…>

                                                     <…                             …>