Hello and welcome to my on-line portfolio!

Here you can find information about me and my work. There are some free tools and scripts in the development section, so maybe I can make easier your work, giving you
some ideas or sharing my functions/code. You can find some tutorials and interesting links as well.

I hope you enjoy the content of my website.Thank you.

On-line CV in linkedIn.

<Dead Island 2 : More Zombies!!>

 <DrakenSang Online : Just Amazing!!>

 <…a bit of making of…>

 <Infinity Blade Origins — Really aesthetic trailer, mixing 3d with 2d effects> 

<Fable Legends — Awesome game trailer for Lionhead Studios> 

                         <Dying Light — My first project with zombies. Amazing> 

                <Halo 4 SpartanOps — 10 amazing episodes guiding the game> 

                                                     <…a bit of making of…>

                                                     <…                             …>